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While all holidays were celebrated with decorations, food, cakes and parties, Christmas is the one that captured my imagination and heart and has never faltered.  If anything, my love of all things Christmas has only grown as I have grown and become richer as the memories continue to accumulate with each passing year.


Being an interior designer in my professional life for the last 20 years, home and the decoration of a home, has been vitally important to me.  Layering on the rich traditions, cherished decorations and abundant food of the holidays to a home only increases it's beauty.  I have said many times that, when it comes to Christmas, I want the sights, the sounds and the smells, in abundance, but the true joy comes from the sharing of all of these great gifts.


Sharing that love and passion is truly what this site is all about. I hope to bring to you some of the traditions that I hold dear, showcase various collectors (including myself), educate about the folklore surrounding the holidays and any other musing that might catch my fancy!  Be it antique collectibles, artisans that I admire, my own creations or new findings, there will always be something to stir your inner child.




As with many things, my passion for Christmas began very early in life.  Holidays, in general, were always very special for us at home, due greatly to my parents and, specifically, my mother.  The anticipation of the coming holiday was magnified for us due largely to her love of both the holidays and her family.  Magical is the only word that comes to mind.





Thanks for stopping by!  Grab a cup of mulled cider or a great glass of wine and enjoy.  The festivities have just begun!

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